Pages, articles, and projects on diversifying graduate education:

University of Miami UGrow Graduate Internship Program (Graduate Opportunities at Work). “Each year a group of graduate students gets the chance to pursue nine-month placements as UGrow Fellows in non-teaching units at the university or in off-campus organizations, in place of their regular teaching assistantship assignments. The placements provide training and experience in fields that will appeal to future employers both inside and outside academia, including librarianship and archive management; museum curation and collection development; university communications; university and nonprofit fundraising; data analysis and digital humanities; professional development and graduate program administration.”

National Endowment for the Humanities Next Generation Humanities PHD Planning and Implementation Grants. “Under the new grant program, NEH is making awards in two categories: 25 planning grants of $25,000 each, and three implementation grants of $350,000 each, which support and expand efforts that are already underway. Each of the grants requires the institution to raise matching funds as a sign of their commitment.

Together, the two types of grants represent the agency’s first effort into sparking transformation in how graduate programs work to prepare their students for a broad range of careers at the conclusion of their often years-long, intensely academic graduate school experiences.”

IMAGINE PHD is a free online career exploration and planning tool for PhD students and postdoctoral scholars in the humanities and social sciences hosted by the Graduate Career Consortium.

Lisa Niles. “Why Getting (or Hiring) a PhD in the Humanities Can Be the Best Business Move You Ever Make.” Linked In. Posted October 28, 2017.